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Sustainable FarmingBecause ...
In Nature, Nothing is Perfect and Everything is Perfect

Every community should have access to organic food, clean water and air that is safe to breathe. Amra farms produces organic food and can help you grow organic produce at home or in your farm.

1 Soil Health The First Step Towards better food and water

One hectare of healthy soil contains 15 tons of organisms, equivalent to the weight of 20 cows. Healthy soil with high organic matter can store 20 times its weight in water. Sustainable soil management has the potential to produce up to 58 percent more food!

These are synopsis of researches done by FAO, USDA and Slow Food foundation. It says a lot about our soil and how pesticides and chemical fertilizers are a hazard to our soil.

2No Tilling

Reducing and if possible completely avoiding tilling can increase microbes in soil


Soil covered with organic matter helps prevent weeds increases water retention by 20 times and increase microbes.

Fish Farming

“Fish culture” is where people own and look after a stock of fish. This might involve regular stocking, fertilization and feeding, protection from predators


Know Everything you have to about growing organic rice, wheat ragi, jowar, toor, moong and every pulse and grains you can think of.


India Produces 90 Million Metric tonnes of fruits every year and growing steadily. We rank first in the production of Bananas, papayas and mangoes


Apart from Flowers, Ornamentals are a great addition to interiors and exteriors. With the growing interest in succulents and indoor plants, We can help you grow them at home.

N.Sahadevan - Farmer First

N. Sahadevan is a farmer. His father was a farmer and from what he can remember, everyone before them. He was destined to be a farmer, though he did pursue a career in the army and later, other organizations. He feels a connection to the land and growing plants. His experiments with plants are wide. He started off by farming rice but today he has red sandal wood, Nutmeg and 1000's of other varieties of trees and plants in his farm.