Bhringraj Oil, Its benefits, use and more

in Ayurveda, the bhringraj herb is used for several purposes. The herb is known to help aid cure of throat infections, Skin related diseases, Liver disorders and sexual virility. The most common use of bhringraj is for its benefits for your hair. the Bhringraj herb, when infused with coconut oil, castor oil or sesame oil and applied topically, is known to prevent hair fall, cure dandruff, increase hair volume and slow greying of hair.

The use of Bhringraj goes back centuries and has been noted in the Ayurveda scriptures as one from the unpublished Keralite work containing ayurvedic medicinal recipes. The exact source of the information is the shodhganga English translation of Yogasarasamgraha.

The Bhringraj is packed with nutritional values like Vitamin D, and E and minerals like Iron, calcium and Magnesium. The bhringraj oil, when used regularly and in moderation is known to have no side effects but only better health in terms of vision, sleep and memory. Though these claims are not backed by scientific evidence, the books or Ayurveda, recommends bhringraj as a herb which can cure all “Pitta Dosha”.

In Ayurveda, The use of Topical application of Bhringraj is advised for skin and hair-related issues. the herb has a cooling nature and helps with reducing the heat properties, especially in the crown. The excessive heat in the crown area is noted to have effects on the hair. The heat promotes sweating, falling of hair and greying. You may relate the same with stressed people and have more grey hairs than those who are relaxed and calm. The use of bhringraj helps cool down the crown thus slowing down the ageing and greying of hair.

The vitamins d and e in the oil, as everyone knows these days are known to rejuvenate skin and keep it vibrant. The Bhringraj oil with its high Vitamin E and D will help keep your skin younger for a longer period.

When consumed as a tea, the bhringraj powder is known to help cure liver ailments and purify blood effectively. its pungent “Vipaka” helps cure lung ailments and clear Kapha According to Ayurveda.
Though Bhringraj Like all other herbs have a long list of benefits, it needs to be used with care. especially when consumed internally, ensure that you take advice from a doctor. Some medicines like diuretics do not go well with bhringraj and a doctor’s approval is important. when it comes to topical application, avoid application on the scalp if you notice a running nose or cold continuously after 3-4 uses of the oil. The bhringraj oil is cold by nature and if you do suffer from running nose, cold etc, avoid using the oil.
If you do have a runny nose, it’s recommended that you not leave the oil in the head overnight and wash it off after 1 hour (maximum) of application. this will prevent cold-related symptoms when using bhringraj.

How to Use Bhringraj Oil

depending on what you want the oil for, the usage varies a bit.

Scalp Application of Bhringraj Oil and its benefits

if you are looking to reduce hair fall alone, application on the scalp is recommended. The oil should be applied throughout the scalp and massaged gently. Application of bhringraj oil on the scalp will reduce hair fall, delay greying of hair and improve hair volume over some time. Application of hair on the scalp for more than 3 months will see improved hair volume in men and application for over a year will see a significant difference in hair volume in women. Though the hair volume will increase in just over a month, it will not be noticeable in men or women as the hair volume is more in the scalp area initially and will take time to improve over time when the hair grows to its length.

Application of Bhringraj Oil on hair and scalp.

for a full application, usually recommended by most, application of bhringraj oil on the scalp and a thorough application completely on your hair will improve the shine of your hair and prevent split ends. while it has all the benefits of application on the scalp alone, it also improves your hair quality and smoothens your hair. The thorough application will also prevent future split ends. When applying oil thoroughly, it’s recommended to start from the scalp area and move to the end of the hair, ensuring the oil is spread evenly throughout your hair and scalp. Depending on the base from which the oil is infused the oil may be light or sticky. No matter what base, ensure that you wash your hair with regular shampoo after 30 minutes. Do not shampoo the second time unless you find your hair very greasy and are not comfortable with the texture. If you are using a thick base oil like castor oil, it’s not unusual to find the hair lightly greasy. Do not worry about it. Castor oil is known to have its benefits for hair and is usually recommended for application in hair for better hair growth.

Base oil for Bhringraj

There are 3 common base oils recommended for Bhringraj. each of these oils varies in its benefits and its consistency. the most common oil used for bhringraj is coconut oil. This has various reasons and one of the prime reasons is from where it’s derived. Bhringraj Oil dates back 1000s of years and is probably derived from the southern part of India and to be specifically Kerala. Coconut is a staple crop in Kerala and it’s found almost all over Kerala. it is believed that the availability of coconut and coconut oil is the primary reason why coconut oil is used in bhringraj oil. Of course, the benefits of coconut have a major role to play too. Even to date, coconut oil is the most commonly used oil for application on hair throughout India. You would be amazed to know that it wasn’t as common to use coconut oil in the hair half a century ago in most parts of northern India. North Indians preferred other oils, including mustard oil for application on their hair. But with the growing popularity and of course, the fact that most south Indians did flaunt beautiful hair naturally, made coconut oil one of the preferred oils all over India.

Coconut oil and its benefits for your hair.

  • Moisturizes hair: Dry hair is a common problem with many people. Lack of oil content and moisture in the hair will result in frizzy hair and breakage of hair and split ends. coconut oil is fast absorbing and prevents hair splits and breakages effectively. The oil is not as sticky as many other oils but is a good protection for your hair especially if you are facing dry hair issues. It’s also a great oil for people who travel a lot or live in windy conditions, which results in dry hair.
  • Relieves scalp Psoriasis: though not very common, hair psoriasis can leave you bald in spots. if treated early, the condition can be completely prevented. The easiest way to prevent scalp psoriasis is the application of coconut oil to the scalp.

Apart from these, coconut hair oil is packed with nutrition and fat which will help your hair grow healthier over time. The proof is in the pudding and if you notice, most people who are from Kerala and use coconut oil regularly (especially in rural Kerala) will have beautiful long hair.

Castor Oil and its use in Ayurveda

Castor oil is used in Ayurveda for a range of diseases and conditions including asthma, piles and skin conditions. when it comes to hair health, castor oil is rich in minerals and nutrients which are anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-ageing properties. they are effective against prickly heat and skin irritations, making them an oil suitable for people living in hot climatic conditions. It has cooling properties which keep your crown cooler internally and externally.

  • Promotes hair growth
  • Clears dandruff
  • Treats Style and other bacterial infections

unfortunately, castor oil is not very common for application in hair due to its sticky consistency. your hair may tend to look greasy if applied in excess and will require more than one shampoo treatment if too greasy. The application should be light, limited to 5-6 drops on the scalp followed by one shampooing after 30 minutes to an hour.

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