Kerala Cinnamon


Delight your senses with the exquisite fragrance and flavor of Kerala Cinnamon, sourced from the lush plantations of God’s Own Country. Renowned for its sweet and woody aroma, Kerala Cinnamon adds depth and complexity to a variety of culinary creations. Our premium-quality Kerala Cinnamon is harvested with care and precision, ensuring that you experience the true essence of this beloved spice in every bite.



Key Features:

  1. Authentic Kerala Origin: Our Kerala Cinnamon is sourced directly from the pristine spice gardens of Kerala, where the tropical climate and fertile soil yield cinnamon of exceptional quality and flavor.
  2. Distinctive Aroma: With its warm and inviting aroma, Kerala Cinnamon imparts a unique character to dishes, making it a versatile ingredient in both sweet and savory recipes.
  3. Handpicked and Processed: Each cinnamon stick is handpicked and meticulously processed to preserve its natural oils and flavor compounds, ensuring that you receive only the finest quality spice.
  4. Versatile Usage: From curries and stews to baked goods and beverages, Kerala Cinnamon adds depth and warmth to a wide range of dishes, enhancing their taste and aroma.
  5. Packed with Nutrients: In addition to its delightful flavor, Kerala Cinnamon is also rich in antioxidants and may offer various health benefits, making it a valuable addition to your pantry.

Benefits of Kerala Cinnamon:

  • Antioxidant Properties: Kerala Cinnamon contains potent antioxidants that help fight inflammation and protect against oxidative stress.
  • Blood Sugar Regulation: Some studies suggest that Kerala Cinnamon may help lower blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity, making it beneficial for individuals with diabetes.
  • Digestive Support: Kerala Cinnamon is believed to aid digestion and alleviate gastrointestinal discomfort, such as bloating and indigestion.
  • Heart Health: Regular consumption of Kerala Cinnamon may support heart health by lowering cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of heart disease.
  • Immune Boosting: The antimicrobial properties of Kerala Cinnamon may help strengthen the immune system and protect against infections.

Additional information

Weight 250 g