Interesting facts about coffee cultivation in India 


June 05 2023

Historical Significance 

Coffee cultivation in India dates back to the 17th century when Baba Budan, a Sufi saint, brought seven coffee beans from Yemen and planted them in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. 

Major Coffee Producing Regions 


The regions of Coorg, Chikmagalur, and Hassan in Karnataka; Wayanad and Malabar in Kerala; and Nilgiris and Yercaud in Tamil Nadu are known for their coffee plantations. 

Arabica coffee is grown at higher altitudes, while Robusta thrives in lower elevations and warmer climates. The ratio of Arabica to Robusta production in India is roughly 70:30.

Arabica and Robusta Varieties


Many coffee plantations in India practice shade-grown cultivation. Coffee plants are grown under the shade of tall trees, providing a natural habitat for birds, insects, and biodiversity conservation. 

Shade-Grown Coffee 


Organic and Sustainable Practices 

A significant portion of coffee cultivation in India follows organic and sustainable farming practices. 


Global Coffee Market 


India is one of the largest coffee producers in the world, contributing to the global coffee market. Indian coffee is exported to various countries, with major destinations including the United States, Europe, Russia, and Japan. 

Coffee Auctions 

India has specialized coffee auctions where the finest coffees are traded. The most famous auction is the Indian Coffee Auction conducted in Bengaluru (Bangalore), where top-quality coffees from different regions are showcased and sold. 


Specialty Coffee Certifications 


Indian coffee has received various certifications and recognition for its quality. Notably, coffees from the regions of Coorg, Chikmagalur, and Wayanad have been awarded the Geographical Indication (GI) tag, signifying their unique characteristics and origin. 

Rainfall Influence 

The distribution of rainfall plays a crucial role in coffee cultivation. The monsoon rains in India, especially the southwest monsoon, are essential for the growth and development of coffee plants. Adequate rainfall ensures healthy coffee plantations and optimal yield. 


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