The Sahiwal Cows - Gaining Recognition Globally


May 30 2023

Ancient Origins


The Sahiwal breed of cattle traces its roots back thousands of years to the region of Punjab in Pakistan and India, where it has been bred for its unique qualities.

Milk Production


Sahiwal cows are known for their high milk yield. They produce milk with a high butterfat content, making it ideal for dairy products such as butter, ghee, and cream.

Gentle Temperament


Sahiwal cows are known for their docile and calm temperament, making them easier to handle and manage compared to more aggressive breeds. This trait contributes to their popularity among farmers and handlers.

High Fertility


Sahiwal cows exhibit excellent fertility rates, with a short calving interval. This characteristic makes them valuable for breeding programs and ensures a consistent supply of calves.

Global Recognition


Sahiwal cows have gained international recognition for their exceptional qualities. They have been exported to various countries for their milk and beef production capabilities, contributing to the livestock industries worldwide.

Sahiwal cattle hold cultural and religious significance in the regions where they originated. They are often featured in traditional ceremonies, festivals, and agricultural rituals.

— Crystal Lambert