10 Varieties of Black pepper Grown in Kerala


May 30 2023

Malabar Garbled Black Pepper


This variety, native to Kerala's Malabar region, is renowned for its bold flavor and rich aroma. It is widely cultivated and exported from the state.

Kuthiravally Black Pepper


Known for its small-sized berries and strong pungency, Kuthiravally Black Pepper is a popular variety in Kerala.

Panniyur-1 Black Pepper


Developed by the Indian Institute of Spices Research, Panniyur-1 is a high-yielding black pepper variety known for its resistance to pests and diseases.

Karimunda Black Pepper


Karimunda is a traditional black pepper variety in Kerala, favored for its strong flavor and aromatic properties.

Aimpiriyan Black Pepper


Aimpiriyan is a local black pepper variety in Kerala, valued for its heat and spiciness.

Neelamundi Black Pepper


Neelamundi is a unique black pepper variety from Kerala, known for its large berries and distinctive taste.

Kalluvally Black Pepper


Kalluvally is a popular black pepper variety in Kerala, characterized by its strong flavor and high piperine content.

Balankotta Black Pepper


Balankotta is a specialty black pepper variety grown in certain parts of Kerala, prized for its unique aroma and taste.

Wynad Black Pepper


Wynad is a prominent black pepper variety cultivated in the hilly regions of Kerala, known for its spicy and robust flavor.

Subhakara Black Pepper


Subhakara is a high-yielding black pepper variety developed by the Central Plantation Crops Research Institute (CPCRI), suitable for cultivation in Kerala's agro-climatic conditions.

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