Hibiscus plant Farm in india

Cultivating Hibiscus for commercial purposes is not well known but there are a few farmers who have indulged themselves in cultivating Hibiscus for its flowers and leaves. Success stories of a few farmers have encouraged more people to cultivate Shoe Flower or Hibiscus plants lately. Though hibiscus can be grown almost anywhere in India, except where temperatures touch below 6 degrees, it is not widely cultivated as it lacks wide use and has lesser demand.

Unlike other flowering plants, the hibiscus is not used for its beauty. Though the flowers look beautiful and come in different sizes and colors, the ones cultivated are the red hibiscus with medium to large flowers. These flowers are not very fragrant but have medicinal value. They are used in cosmetics and tea. They add color to food too but use as food color is limited to none. 

yield per acre and per plant: The yield of the hibiscus plant is approximately 1 KG flower per year per plant. With an average of 1000 Plants per acre, it’s possible to get a 1000 Kilo yield per acre of hibiscus. While the fresh yield is 1000 KG the dry yield will be approximately 200 Kilos per acre. This may sound a lot low by the economics of cultivating hibiscus is very interesting as it’s one of the few crops which require minimal to no care at all.

Profit Per acre

Depending on the needs of the end customer, the profits vary. The dry matter or dry hibiscus could be sold for from 600 to 750 rs per kilo while fresh flowers will cost 200 rs per kilo. Considering the values you could do a simple calculation 

Land preparation20,00020000
Sapling costs20 PEr plant20000
Manure and fertilizers50005000
Labour cost2500025000
Picking cost3500035000
Total Expense105000

Total Yield and Profit for Fresh Flowers

Yield per year: 1000 Kilo 

Total Revenue at the price of 200 Rs per kilo: 200000

Total Profit on sale of fresh flowers: 95000 Per acre

Total Yield and profit of Dry flower

Yield per year: 200 KG

Additional Expense for drying flowers: 15000 Rs

Total Revenue on sale: 120000-150000

Total profit: up to 30,000 Rs

While profit from hibiscus the first year may be high with extra cost for saplings and land preparation, weeding, etc, all these expenses will be removed the second year onwards. Chances of profiting will be much higher from the second year onwards for hibiscus plantations. It recommended that farmers not be let down because of the first year’s yield. 

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