Welcome to our farm! We started our journey in 1998 with a passion for cultivating the finest quality crops. Our farm is located in the beautiful state of Kerala, where the climate is ideal for a wide range of crops.

Our primary crops are mangoes, rice, and coconuts. We take great care in growing them using organic farming methods, which means we don’t use any harmful pesticides or chemicals. Our commitment to organic farming is rooted in our belief that it is the best way to produce healthy and safe food while preserving the environment.

Apart from our primary crops, we also grow a variety of other crops that are well-suited to the local climate. We take pride in our diverse range of produce, including bananas, jackfruit, pepper, and turmeric.

Our farm is more than just a business for us. It’s a way of life. We believe that agriculture is not just about growing crops, but it’s about nurturing the land, respecting nature, and providing wholesome food to our community.

At our farm, we take a holistic approach to farming, which means we consider the entire ecosystem when growing our crops. We use techniques such as crop rotation, composting, and natural pest control to maintain the health and fertility of our soil. We also incorporate sustainable practices such as rainwater harvesting, solar energy, and recycling to minimize our environmental impact.

We are proud to be part of the local farming community in Kerala. We work closely with other farmers, cooperatives, and organizations to promote sustainable agriculture and support rural development. We believe that by working together, we can create a more equitable and resilient food system that benefits everyone.

Our farm is also a place for education and inspiration. We offer farm tours, workshops, and internships for anyone interested in learning more about organic farming and sustainable living. We believe that sharing our knowledge and experience is an essential part of building a better future for our planet.

In addition to selling our crops locally, we also offer online ordering and delivery services, so you can enjoy our delicious and nutritious produce no matter where you are.

We are grateful for the support we have received over the years, and we are committed to continuing our journey towards sustainable and organic farming. We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our farm, our products, and our values. Thank you for visiting!