Dragon Fruit Cultivation, Profits and Projects in India

Is dragon fruit farming profitable in India?

The current price of dragon fruit is 280 Rs per kilo for red and 250 Rs per kilo for pink. The retail price could vary from 100 to 120 Rs per kilo. Don’t expect the price with increased supply over the next few years. With increased cultivation, chances are the price could go anywhere between 50-75 Rs per kilo in the future. Let’s consider the current scenario, cost of cultivation, price of the plant, and the infrastructure to cultivate Dragon fruit on one-acre land to analyze profit. 

Dragon fruit is planted at a distance of 12 Feet gap between rows and at least 6-8 feet between each plant. An acre can accommodate 450-600 Poles per acre and each pole can have up to 4 plants. An acre can hold anywhere between 1800 – 2500 plants.

The cost for a plant can go anywhere between 50-120 rs per plant depending on your sources, location, and transportation costs. The average price of Rs 80 is considered here. The cost of the plant should not exceed 80 though you can find a good plant for 50-70 rs in most cases.

Poles are the most expensive investment when it comes to dragon fruit plant cultivation. Each pole can cost up to 500 Rs. An average price of 480  is what we could find best. Poles that are cheaper wouldn’t last more than 5 years and a re-investment will be required, considering the plant has a life of up to 15 years. Low investment poles are a consideration not recommended. Bamboo poles do not last more than a year and are cumbersome, increasing labor costs in the future. The total cost for poles alone will be between 2 Lakh rupees to 3 Lakh rupees. 

The cost of labor, fertilizers, and drip irrigation is nominal. Drip irrigation (with subsidy) will cost around 50,000 Rs per acre and labor is only intensive in the first year. The cost of fertigation is very low for dragon fruit and will not exceed 50,000 Per year.

An average investment of 5-6 Lakh rupees is accounted for in the first year. For the second year onwards, the total expense does not exceed 1 Lakh rupees per year.

The returns for the first year are very minimal and are set at 500 KG total yield per acre. From the second year, a nominal yield of 20 KG per pole is possible. 

Below is the cost analysis in detail

Total Poles605453
Total Plants2420 Plants1812 Plants
Total Plant Cost (80 Rs per Plant)193600144960
Pole Cost290400217440
Labour & Fertilizer6050045300
Drip Irrigation50,00045,000
Weeding and Maintenance50,00050,000
Total Expense644500502700

Selling price at 100 Rs per KG

Year 1Year 2Year 3 Onwards
Yield Per acre500KG10,000 KG13500 KG
Gross IncomeRs 50000 Rs 10,00,000Rs 13,50,000

Selling price at 50 Rs per KG

Year 1Year 2Year 3 Onwards
Yield Per acre500KG10,000 KG13500 KG
Gross IncomeRs 25000Rs 5,00,000Rs 675,000

Selling price at  30 Rs per KG

Year 1Year 2Year 3 Onwards
Yield Per acre500KG10,000 KG13500 KG
Gross IncomeRs 15000 Rs 3,00,000Rs 405,000

Dragon Fruit cultivation is Profitable from the second year onwards if the price is set at 100 Rs per kilo and from the third year onwards if the price is set at 50 per kilo. 

Can dragon fruit be grown in India?

India is known to grow the widest range of crops. Dragon fruit is no exception. Maharashtra, parts of Gujarat, and Rajasthan are perfect for dragon fruit cultivation. Tamil Nadu, Andhra, and Karnataka are also wonderful for growing Dragon fruit. The weather conditions are perfect with moderate to low rainfalls in these areas. 

With the right soil condition and weather, low rainfall Dragon fruit can thrive in these areas.

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