Thippili / Pippali / Piper Longum Farming Medicinal Plants

Among medicinal plants, Pippali or Thippili plays a major role. In Ayurveda, the plant is used to cure or control a range of diseases from Bronchitis, cough, and cold to leprosy. While there is a constant demand for Thippili in India, the rise of interest in western countries has made Thippili cultivation favorable for many farmers in India. Currently, Thippil is imported from countries like Sri Lanka and Malaysia where its commercially grown. Local produce is not sufficient to meet the requirements and demands. Cultivating Thippili is a profitable venture where climatic conditions are favorable. Fortunately, finding customers for Thippili is much easier today with various companies dealing with medicinal products and having requirements for the same. 

Climatic Condition


Areas of cultivation

Plant characteristics


Land Preparation

Plant propagation and Planting





Harvesting and drying


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