Turnip Cultivation in India – Profit and Cost of Farming

Turnip is not a very common vegetable in the market in most parts of the country. Turnip is not well-established in most markets throughout India. The lack of awareness about the vegetable, its distinctive taste, and its inability to grow locally everywhere throughout the country make these crops preferred and consumed in only some states in the country. 

Think about it this way… if I asked you to tell me 2 dishes from potatoes that are famous, you could easily do it. The same goes for carrots, peas, okra, and a lot of vegetables. But when it comes to some vegetables like radishes and turnips, we find it difficult to name a dish made of them and is popular. Even radish has a signature dish (mooli ke parathe) named after it but turnips are not as popular.

This is because turnips are not cultivated in most parts of the country. Turnip requires a temperate climatic conditions. Most parts of India, save a few, have subtropical or tropical weather conditions. This prevents commercial cultivation of turnips limited to small areas only. But theoretically, if a vegetable is rare, then they are to be of higher value and considered “Exotic” in India. Not in the case of Turnips. Turnips are considered a normal vegetable, just like most carrots and beetroots. 

Nevertheless, Turnips are consumed widely in areas near where they are cultivated. A small amount does go around to larger cities and towns where they are easily sold considering the huge population. 

Where exactly do turnips have a market?

These are the 5 states which have a prominent market for turnips. There are markets in other states too that sell turnips, for instance, Bihar has a moderate market. Tamil Nadu too has a small requirement for turnips and is acquired in mandis and markets. But these 6 states have a wider market for Turnips and they can be easily sold. If you compare the market of any of the 6 states above with a state which does not have a market, you would understand the difference in consumption. For instance, Kerala, Andhra, and Karnataka, Together wouldn’t be able to acquire the total consumption of turnips in any one of the above states.

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